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CiBER novel technologies includes Nano-optics Technology, Flexible Electronics, Wireless Sensor Platform, Optical Devices, and Optical Signal Processing.

 • NanoMedia in the Arts and Creative Communications

This is a new collaborative project (started in September 2013) between media researchers, artists, and scientists. Our goal is to explore and expand modes of expression in media arts practices by deploying an original electronic fabric that comprises nano-substrates (plastic, paper, metal with fabricated nano-optical structures) with embedded functionalities and new advanced fabrication processes. This transformative technology forms the basis for a new generation of media called NanoMedia.

We are conducting groundwork for future technological integration of nanoMedia in art and culture, which has potential uses in areas such as new media art, animation and digital gaming, and publishing and advertising. These new forms of expression will position Canada as a leader in the field of NanoMedia.


Media Researchers:
Dr. Aleksandra Kaminska

Christine Davis

Prof. Bozena Kaminska
Prof. Jeffrey Carson
Prof. Karen Kavanagh

Dr. Hao Jiang
Dr. Jasbir N. Patel
Dr. Mahdieh Atighilorestani
Dr. Mohamadreza Najiminaini

Mahssa Abdolahi
Devarshi Patel
Kian Davoudi Rad
Sheida Alan

Yogiraj Kachhela

 • Nano-optics Technology for Document and Banknote Security (NOtES).

NOtES technology platform began as a research project surrounding nano-features and functional polymers and put CiBER team at the forefront of the printed security features or embedded nano-features into paper or polymer. The patent has been licensed to Wireless 2 Technologies that became NanoTech Security Corporation. (NTS-V: NTS) is a publicly traded corporation on the TSX Venture Exchange with Dr. Kaminska serving as NanoTech’s Chief Scientific Officer and Director.

 • Polymer-based Energy System Technologies and Applications

Energy system takes advantage of the plasmonic nano-structures fabricated in thin films for color filtering and performance enhancement of our Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) cells as well as a high-density energy storage in an ionic polymeric material called StOR. StOR technology and OPVs have been licensed to IDme Technologies. The research and farther development continue in collaboration with IDme and BC Hydro. The commercial applications and printing fabrication processes are in testing and optimization phase.

• Wireless Sensor Network: Real-time Communication and Tracking

Important expertise in telemetry devices, wireless sensor-based tracking applications, and low-power microsystem design has been developed. This research resulted in the following high-impact activities:

(1) Montreal-based Pultronics Inc, founded by Dr. Kaminska and operating successfully from 1994 until now. Pultronics Inc. became a design firm specializing in telemetry devices, wireless tracking applications, and high-frequency design. The wireless wildlife tracking devices and telemetry systems (low-power RF SOC devices and boards) have been distributed by Lotek Engineering, an Ontario firm. For the airport equipment tracking market, Scanpak Corporation provided distribution and support. In August 2007, Dr. Kaminska sold her shares and withdrew from the company.

(2)Development of a novel wireless sensor network for real-time localization, intrusion detection and personal monitoring for occupational safety and security. Vigil Technologies Inc. is a spin-off firm focused on the occupational safety and security.

• Optical Devices, Optical Signal Acquisition and Processing

A new generation of micro-machined optical filters for non-invasive imaging has been developed, resulting in patent application, multiple high impact journal publications, and multiple conference publications. Collaboration has been established with University of Western Ontario: Dr. Jeffrey J.L. Carson from the Lawson Health Research Institute and the Department of Medical Biophysics, and Dr. Kevin Jordan, MD from the Oncology Department. The clinical in-vivo tests on breast cancer detection are now in progress. To complete an optical set-up, a new concept of low-cost and high-resolution broadband color cameras has been developed based on the nano-technology (multi-layer plasmonic thin films).


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