Research and Interests

Plasmonic nanostructures have introduced a wide variety of applications ranging from cancer therapy to sensing of various biomolecules. To improve performance and sensitivity of plasmonic nanostructures in various fields, new generations of 3D plasmonic nanostructures with increased optical performance characteristics have been developed through collaboration established with Dr. Jeffrey J.L. Carson from Lawson Health Research Institute and Department of Medical Biophysics, University of Western Ontario. Dr. Mohamadreza Najiminaini has been a main contributor for innovating and developing 3D plasmonic nanostructure devices during his Ph.D. and postdoctoral research. Throughout research and development on the performance of 3D plasmonic nanostructures, many high impact factor journals have been published. A US patent has also been filed for novel 3D plasmonic nanostructures, which demonstrate higher sensing and filtering performance capability of 3D plasmonic nanostructure compared to the conventional plasmonic nanostructures. Furthermore, we developed a new concept of low-cost and high-resolution broad band multispectral imager based on the 3D plasmonic nanostructures with the purpose of commercializing this device in remote sensing and biomedical applications. As a result, Optidx Technologies Inc. has been founded to move the multispectral imager and sensing nanotechnologies to the commercial stage. Dr. Carson and Dr. Najiminaini are also the co-founders of Optidx Technologies Inc.