Research and Interests

Nano-photography: Production of color images onto nano-photopapers

Project leader:
Hao Jiang
office: ASB10841
Participants: Bozena Kaminska; Mohamadreza Najiminaini; Reza Qarehbaghi; Jeffrey J. L. Carson

Project descriptions:

Plasmonic nano-structures represent a class of materials consisted of metal nano-features. Owing to the surface plasmons (oscillations of conduction electrons at metal surface excited by photons), the plasmonic nano-structures can manipulate light well beyond the diffraction limit and their optical properties are widely tunable over the ultra-violet/visible/near-infrared spectrum. Applications of plasmonic nano-structures can be dated back to 4th century AD, although the physics was not understood back then, from the brilliant dichroic colours on the Lycurgus Cup. During the past two decades, the rapid development of nanofabrication technology has greatly boosted the explorations on plasmonic nano-structures that have already been implemented in hot research topics, such as surface-enhanced Raman scattering, biosensors and optical nonlinearities. Recently, researchers began to realize the unique potential of using plasmonic nano-structures to produce color images.

Specially engineered nano-structures, such as nanohole arrays, nanoparticle arrays, and nano-gratings, can display intensive colors and the pixel size can reach micrometer-scale. Color images produced with nano-structures can have advantages including ultra-high resolution, robust and long-lasting. The technology to produce the color images using the nano-structures is appealing for security applications and publication industries.

The project aims to develop a technology, called nano-photography that allows rapid production of color images onto nano-substrates, called nano-photopapers. The nano-photopaper is comprised of a pixel layer with mosaics of primary color pixels constructed by metal nano-structures and an intensity-filter layer to pattern the brightness of underlying pixels to display any visual color.